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The last week I haven’t cooked anything worth blogging about. I also haven’t eaten anything worth mentioning. Actually that’s not true. Last Friday we had some sweet friends over and I made a pretty delicious curry, but by the time I thought to take a photo the pot was scraped clean. I’ll post the recipe soon, though.

I don’t have many things to talk about. I’m exhausted and little lady is teething so I’m calling it a night early. So I leave you with the week in pictures!

Family picnic on the courthouse lawn. Nola loves trees, apparently.

Lou & I



Today is Lou’s favorite day of the year! Record store day! In honor of today, Nola’s sporting her music diaper!
Happy listening!


Sometimes a baby just wants to nurse. All. Day. Long. We are having one of those days. No matter how much you would like for them to take a nap or enjoy a toy or anything else for that matter, they just want you and the comfort of your skin pressed to their nose. Today is that day.

If I were a seasoned mother, I might know better. But oh, I am not. I am a new mom, like every mother before me has been and every mother after me will be. My daughter is Nola Adelaide: a sweet blueberry eyed 10 pound 6 ounce 4 month old who was born 7 weeks early. She’s captured my heart, mind, soul and of course body… Life will (thankfully) never be the same.

And so we begin…

I set out to write this blog while I was pregnant. I never got past registering the name, I’m not really one to do anything quickly. But after today… A day filled with protesting from a baby who just wants to nurse(and nurse and nurse and nurse) I think I’m ready. I hope I’m ready!

We’ll see!