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Y’all I’m a terrible blogger!

If humbledrumble was a tamagotchi, it would have most certainly died.

A lot has been going on since May! I’ll begin, though, with my diet and my forced change that is going on.

I was diagnosed with lupus. Now, let me preface this by saying that it was not a surprise. In fact, I have been saying that I thought that it what was slowing me down for years. For 7 or 8 now years I have felt progressively worse. Each year I look back at the year before and it never looks better than it did previously. I am always a few pounds heavier, a little less agile and much much more tired. I’ve heard from so many people that I need to get out more. Exercise. Stop complaining so much. I get it, I’m cranky. But honestly I’ve felt like shit (sorry, I have) for a long time. I don’t want to be tired, heavy and cranky. I swear. I constantly apologize to my husband and tell him I wish I knew how to not feel so totally awful and that if I did know how to fix me, I wouldn’t continue to stay miserable.

So here we are now. Lupus.

I developed hypertension and then pre-eclampsia  which lead to Class 1 HELLP syndrome with my pregnancy and Nola came two months early. I had a rough go at being pregnant, and despite that, I still felt better than I usually did. My OB let me know that I most definitely had SOMETHING autoimmune happening in me, but we’d have to dig deeper to find out what that was. I knew I had mysteriously low platelets when I got pregnant(due to a dead end stint with an oncologist that started this whole mystery mess that has left such a huge hanging question mark over everything), and I pressed my OB to let her know that we would be doing all we could to figure out what the heck was going on with me. Despite high blood pressure and low platelets(and a low baby) I felt more alive than I had in a long time. (apparently your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy, so it makes sense.)

So it all makes sense. Sort of. I’ve got a few things going on. There is the Lupus and all its symptoms (exhaustion, brain fog, joint and muscle pain, stiffness and swelling, eye floaters, chest pain, headaches, hair loss, high blood pressure, a particularly brutal bout with pleurisy… fortunately I have never developed the butterfly shaped rash) and then there is the other element to all this called Antiphospholipid Syndrome (Lupus anticoagulant)- meaning I am prone to blood clots, but because I have low platelets, it has kept me from experiencing a blood clot and in essence, kept me from having a stroke. Turns out, my mothers aunt had lupus as well. ah, genetics!

So I’m feeling positive. While on one hand it does suck to know that I’m actually kind of sick and not just really tired all the time, at least I don’t feel like I have to try and guess what it is that is plaguing me any longer. I’m ready for a change and I know that the first and most important thing I need to do is change my diet and try and move my body more. Its a tricky balance because I have always loved to work out hard. The problem is I can’t work out hard anymore. I can only do it about once a month and afterward I feel so miserable and riddled with pain that I give up and swear off working out forever. Its a brutal cycle.

So what does the future  for me look like? Hungry, probably. A LOT of the success of lupus going into remission lies within your diet.

a few things I am going to really try my best to do are:

-more water

-less (and eventually no) caffeine(we’ll see)

-gluten free

-no added sugar

-no potatoes

-limited dairy

-no red meat

-no fried food

-no artificial sugar

-low sodium

-no/limited processed foods

-more EFA’s

-more oily fish

-more vegetables


This to me seems daunting. Just looking at the list I can tell I would feel better, but I love food.

I know there are more things on the list  that help people and I will tweak things as I go.. but for now please keep me in your prayers and I will try my best to keep you updated!

xoxo, kk